Patterning Mask
Patterning Mask
Patterning Mask


1. Patterning Process

Buysemi supply wafers patterned with various thin films.

The patterning process use etching, lift off, deep silicon etching, sanding process, etc. to create patterns or holes.

If required by the customer, CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) for customizing thickness and 

dicing process for customizing the size can be provided. 

The patterning process is available only for 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches.

Please attach a pattern mask drawing with Autocad or Powerpoint to the "Request for Quotation" page for the

patterning process.



2. Mask for patterning

Buysemi is providing Cr on Sodalime Mask, Cr on Quartz Mask

Film Mask, Film Combine Glass (FCG) Mask, Blank Mask, and Shadow Mask to meet customers' needs.

Please attach a drawing of your requirement to the "Request for Quotation" page.

for the patterning process with Autocad or Powerpoint.


3. Sandblaster Process

Buysemi process hole or a part of furrow with silicon and glass.

  Processable thickness

  4 > 250um

  6 > 300um

  Processable hole size

  Photo tolerance : ±3um , 15~20um / 100um Processing depth.

  If you need a process depth of 500 um, 

  the hole size should be 80 um larger than the original size.

  Tolerance of the hole size of upper and bottom side

  Slope 65 degrees​