Patterning Mask
Patterning Mask
CMP & Dicing

CMP Dicing

Buysemi supply the product that is processed by CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polished) method.

The following is the kind of process available. Please click the quotation button of the process you choose. 


  Si , Ceramic , Glass , Quartz wafer etc. ( ~8” )

 ​ TTV control

  The flatness of the substrate is adjustable to ± 1 μm.

  Typically TTV <15um. The Ra value can also be adjusted.  ​​

  The thinnest possible dimension

  >80um , Polishing both side.​


  Ready for shipping within 7 days


  Carrier or Gel Pack and so on

  Minimum Order​ Quantity

  10 sheets​

Buysemi customize preferred size for he customer with dicing process.


  Si , Ceramic , Glass , Quartz wafer, etc 2” ~ 12” )

  Dicing Blade width

  Si wafer : Typical 50um, Glass wafers : 150um


  Ready for shipping within 10 days.​


  Carrier or Gel Pack (with protective film)

  Minimum Order Quantity