Semiconductor Process
Thin Film Deposition Process

Thin film deposition process​


  DC & RF Sputtering / diameter 2”~12” & small pieces/ all kinds of wafer

  SiO2/SI3N4 thin film deposition

  by CVD process​

  PE & LPCVD / Diameter 4”, 6”, 8” /Si3N4 low stress through LPCVD process.

  1,000A~2um thickness/ In case of silicon wafer only (LPCVD) is available,

  In case of silicon, glass, quartz wafer (PECVD) is available.


 e_beam evaporation / 4”, 6, 8” / Cu, Au , Pt , Al , Ti , Ta ,etc.

  / In case of silicon, glass, quartz, (PECVD) is available. 


  Ready for shipping within 14 days


  Class1000 , vacuum package

  Minimum order​

  10 sheets​

Process for thin film deposited wafers

  Thickness control

  CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing), Minimum processable thickness>80um,


  TTV control

  TTV (Total Thickness Variation) manufactured from general maker is <15um,

  but can work up to ± 1um through CMP process.

  Size control

  Customize through Dicing process: 5mm*5mm, 10mm*10mm, etc.

  Patterning process

  (Dry Etching) , Lift off ( 4, 6, 8)