Semiconductor Process
Thermal Oxidation

Buysemi supply silicon wafer processed by thermal oxidation process​.

The following wafers are available for supply.

  Processable substrate size


  Type / Dopant

  P /Boron or N /Phous , N/As , N/sb or Undopped


  <100> , <111> , <110>​​

  Resistance value

  Low resistance (< ), General resistance (,

  High resistance (>


  Thin (>80um), General thickness per each substrate size 

  Thick (<1,000um)

  Wafer surface condition

  Double or single side polish ​


  Test , Prime

Thermal Oxidation process

  Method of growth

  Dry or Wet process

  Thickness of silicon oxide(SiO2)

  200A ~ Tens of um



  ±7% for 2" or 3" substrate 

  Processable wafer size



  Silicon oxide (SiO2) thickness test report

  Measure 5 wafers per a batch of 25 wafers, Check 5 points per a wafer.


  Ready for shipping within 7 days


  Class1000 , air-tight vacuum packaging

  Minimum order

  25 sheets


Measurement of Dry Oxide AFM [RMS Roughness: 8.62Å, Ave Roughness: 6.42Å]​

Process for the wafer treated by thermal oxidation process

  Thickness control

  CMP ( Chemical Mechanical Polishing ) , Min.>80um, 2”~12” 

  When a single-sided polished silicon wafer is subjected to a CMP process after

  a thermal oxidation process, the backside is free from silicon oxide.

  TTV control of backside

  TTV (Total Thickness Variation) manufactured from general maker is <15um, 

  but can work up to ± 1um through CMP process.

  Size control

  Customize through Dicing process: 5mm*5mm, 10mm*10mm, etc.

  Metal deposition

  DC & RF Sputtering ( 2”~12”) , Evaporation ( 4”, 6” or 8”)

  Patterning process

  Dry etching, Deep Si Etching , Lift off ( 4”, 6” or 8”)

 Thin Film thickness (Å)


 Thin Film thickness ()



 Dark violet to red violet 


 Blue green to green (quite broad) 


 Light gold or yellow ; slightly metallic 



(rather broad for orange)


 Blue to violet blue 


 Blue green 


 Light orange 


 Carnation pink 


 Blue green 


 Violet red